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Is bringing its first solution to market. The offering is for its patent pending last mile “to the blender” wet sand service. This solution allows operators to utilize existing wet sand mine sources or establish a new mine in proximity to their development. With this ultimate proximity solution, operators will improve safety, reduce emissions (at the mine and on the road), and realize completion cost reduction. Reach out to Prometheus O&G Solutions and let us bring the technology of the aggregate and agricultural industries to your wellsite.

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With over 20 years of experience in Oilfield Operations, we can confidently provide you the Oil & Gas solution you need.

A Problem Worth Solving

The oil and gas space is constantly evolving, but sand for fracturing may be permanently undersupplied if the industry fails to adapt to market conditions.

Over the past several years, the oil and gas industry has suffered from a lack of capital investment. Capital providers have grown weary of volatile commodity price environments and a lack of meaningful ESG-focused investment opportunities. Operators, with a renewed focus on capital discipline and free cash flow generation, have been unwilling to redeploy capital in the field and reluctant to advance new ideas.

The lack of investment has caught the industry flatfooted, leading to crippling supply chain issues and major cost increases during the post-pandemic demand rebound. Notably, sand for fracturing operations has seen a major shortage in supply and has experienced a +300% increase in price in the last two years.

Conventional sand mines have been slow to expand due to increasing market uncertainty and high up-front startup costs. Furthermore, the supply monopolies they currently hold present little financial incentive to grow to meet demand.

Wet Sand Value Proposition

Wet sand eliminates the need for industrial driers, which significantly reduces costs, but current oilfield logistics processes are designed for dry.

  • Conventional sand mining involves a drying process in order to aid in product separation, sizing and delivery.

  • Semi-processed or “wet” sand bypasses the drying phase, which significantly reduces costs, and eliminates the expensive barriers to entry for building new mines.

  • Wet sand processing also greatly reduces silica exposure when handling the product and CO2 emissions throughout generation.

  • As a result, wet sand can be produced at cost reduction in excess of 50% compared to dry.
  • Limited modification is needed for fracturing equipment, but current delivery and logistics equipment are not designed for wet.

Prometheus Oil & Gas Solutions

Prometheus’ wet sand system repurposes aggregate and agricultural equipment for use in the
fracturing process.

  • The Prometheus patent-pending wet sand solution employs live bottom or conveyor-based trailers or conventional belly dump trailers that offload wet sand to an integrated cold feed aggregate system

  • The wet sand is then delivered directly into the fracturing blender without the need for conventional augers

  • A filtering system is placed downstream of the blender to reduce the likelihood of debris entering the fracturing pumps or the customer’s wellbores

  • This tailor-made system was developed after observing the shortcomings of other providers’ retrofit dry sand solutions and further refined by extensive testing in the field

Prometheus Wet Sand System

Why It’s So Economical

Sand delivered via Prometheus’ wet sand solution saves operators +40% versus the cost of conventional dry sand.

  • Regional dry sand suppliers have struggled to keep up with demand. Mines have been operating with no inventory and QA/QC has been negatively impacted
  • As a result, sand spot prices have been steadily increasing and downtime is high due to supply chain limitations of operating equipment
  • Once regional mines reach capacity, operators will need to source from out of basin mines, which requires significant planning and logistical support and at a premium price
  • When operators choose to use wet sand and source from local mines, logistics costs and fuel usage are greatly reduced 
  • Prometheus provides enhanced design control unequaled in the space, enabling operators to pump with wet sand and decrease their all-in costs
  • Wisconsin Dry
  • Permian Dry
  • Haynesville Dry
  • Eagle Ford Dry
  • Prometheus Wet Sand

By Partnering with Prometheus, operators are trading the pass-through costs of expensive equipment and logistics for low-cost mobile fleets, saving hundreds of thousands per well.

What Makes Prometheus Different

The industry is experimenting with different wet sand equipment designs, but none offer the holistic, streamlined solution that Prometheus provides.


Other Wet Sand Providers

System Design

Bespoke wet sand solution that utilizes construction-grade equipment designed to move wet aggregate materials Retrofit dry sand solution that uses boxes and requires lifting and vibration to unload, fatiguing the equipment in the process

Delivery and Logistics

Delivers sand in trailers currently utilized in the agricultural and aggregate industries and loads sand via a system of conveyors  Box systems requires onsite forklifts to load and unload boxes from trailers to belt units and large piles require large front-end loaders, creating safety concerns


Conventional trailers allow for maximum delivery with every haul and offload in less than 10 mins Loading boxes with wet sand is a complex process reducing volume per box increasing the number of boxes and cost of delivery

Quality Control

Design inclusion of downstream filtering enhances onsite efficiency when mine screening is imperfect Other systems view additional screening onsite as auxiliary or incremental


Individual bin – weight sensors, belt speed control, and gate aperture control allow for high precision sand concentration delivery Empty rates vary with box contents and vibration efficiency creating delivery variations and fill rates with front end loaders cannot keep up with delivery rates

A Sustainable ESG Investment Strategy

Wet sand means more local mines, which has multiple benefits for the environment, health and wellness, and underserved communities.

  • Using wet sand eliminates the need for industrial driers, which significantly lowers up-front costs and encourages new mine construction. With costly barriers to entry removed, operators can now source sand anywhere there is adequate quality
  • This consistently leads to more mine construction closer to where development is taking place, reducing the total ton-miles heavy freight trucks are driving and reducing CO2 emissions as much as 90% vs. sourcing dry sand from regional mines
  • More mines means more investment in local small businesses, which are often in rural and/or underserved communities
  • In addition, wet sand leads to improvements to safety and individual wellness, since working with wet sand reduces silica exposure by eliminating air bore particulates
Prometheus Sustainable

At Prometheus, our commitment to sustainability and community engagement is central to what we do, and it is why we “keep it local” to reduce our carbon footprint and work with small businesses in order to help entrepreneurs create jobs and improve their communities.

Idea Genesis

What began as a series of strategic partnerships with key service providers to solve a problem
became the foundation of Prometheus O&G Solutions

  • Prior to the formation of Prometheus, our founder worked for a large private E&P with an active drilling program in South Texas. Faced with increasing sand supply challenges and rising costs, he began exploring wet sand options
  • After disappointing results with a competitive solution and a lack of viable alternatives, our founder started developing a wet sand solution with other service providers at the time
  • In order to keep startup costs low, we leveraged relationships within our network and began collaborating on designs for the first system prototype in 2021
  • A pilot program was launched in January 2022, with Velox Oilfield Services providing the prototype equipment and South
    RGV Trucking the personnel and logistics. For additional sand quality control, Lightening Fluids built a downstream filtering system
  • Following the system’s early success and recognizing the opportunity to provide a sustainable wet sand solution for the industry, our founder formed Prometheus O&G Solutions in late 2022

Company Overview

Prometheus was the consolidation vehicle for equipment and current owner of the patent pending process.

Company History

Footprint Options

Footprint One: Gen 2 system design with expanded inventory

  • Multiple pads performed to date
  • Hauling utilizes live bottom agricultural trailers
  • Live bottom trailers offload in 5 minutes
  • Offload design eliminates contaminates from location
Prometheus Footprint 1
Footprint 1

Footprint Two: Gen 3 system allows for Belly dump trailer offloading

  • Telebelt allows for flexibility with location layout
  • RazerTail capable of accepting belly dump trucks or live bottom offloads
  • 94 stages completed through this design to date
Prometheus Footprint Two

Expanded Storage Options

Gen 3 allows for incremental storage onsite for stage sizes in excess of 500,000 lbs

  • Telescoping belt capable of reaching expanded footprint
  • Incremental source bins allow for more onsite storage for larger jobs
  • Footprint comparable to box layout with dance floor
Expanded Storage

Operating History & Specifications

Results Since Inception

  • Pilot program initiated in early 2022 had encouraging results, delivering 10 stages 
  • In June 2022, a full 31-stage single well was completed successfully. In total, 13.8 million pounds of wet sand was delivered 
  • Three consecutive 2-well pads have been completed since, encompassing 239 stages and 100 MMlbs of wet sand

Current Design Specifications

  • Prometheus’ modular design is scalable for larger pumping jobs or additional spreads
  • Initial spreads will be capable of storing 270 tons in equipment capable of up to 6 ppg at 100 bpm

Integrated Filter System

Incremental screening downstream of the frac blender

  • Prevents trash entering pumps and wellbore
  • Real time pressure monitoring via frac van
  • Air actuated valves to swap from side to side for incremental capacity
  • Included with the system
    Filter System 1
    Filter System 2

    Services Offered

    Whether it’s a cost-cutting measure or a complete turnkey solution, Prometheus offers a variety of comprehensive services for operators

    • Prometheus’ patent-pending process is available to operators seeking a cost-effective approach to wet sand. Our baseline services include the following:
      • Wet Sand Fracturing System – Integrated system to receive and deliver wet sand from hauling equipment to the blender with downstream filtering
      • Down Stream Filters – Stand alone filtering system for both dry and wet fracturing operations
      • Last Mile Logistics – Hauling solutions for both wet and dry frac operations
    • For operators in need of a complete turnkey solution, we also offer the Prometheus Complete Solution, which includes onsite personnel to execute fracturing operations with operator-preferred HHP and WL providers, our integrated wet sand system, and logistics support from mine to location
    Service Offerings
    What is the difference between wet and dry sand?

    Only the presence of water in the bulk load. Most mines put their sand through a thorough wash prior to drying. This wash is to remove impurities from the sand. The drying process is symply to remove the water.

    How does one insure the proper sizing?

    For wet sand product generation, the screening takes place during the washing phase. It is often accomplished with high pressure water injection across screens.

    How much water is retained in wet sand?

    The results will vary by mine, but a dry sand can have up to 2% water by weight. Typical wet sand mining processes on the market today range from 4-8% by weight.

    Why is different equipment required?

    Conventional fracturing blenders use augers to move the sand from a hopper to the blender tub where the water is added and the slurry created. The wet material is difficult to move with augers, thus the Prometheus belt system is designed to deliver the product directly to the blender tub. The storage system is also specifically designed from aggregate equipment to move wet sand.

    What makes this more ESG friendly than conventional processes?

    The drying process is energy intensive and creates unnecessary additional emissions. Mine locations can now be established closer to development if geology permits. This will reduce emissions related to logistics. The Prometheus equipment is powered by electric motors which provide versatility to the operator when choosing the ultimate power source.

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