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What is the difference between wet and dry sand?

Only the presence of water in the bulk load. Most mines put their sand through a thorough wash prior to drying. This wash is to remove impurities from the sand. The drying process is symply to remove the water.

How does one insure the proper sizing?

For wet sand product generation, the screening takes place during the washing phase. It is often accomplished with high pressure water injection across screens.

How much water is retained in wet sand?

The results will vary by mine, but a dry sand can have up to 2% water by weight. Typical wet sand mining processes on the market today range from 4-8% by weight.

Why is different equipment required?

Conventional fracturing blenders use augers to move the sand from a hopper to the blender tub where the water is added and the slurry created. The wet material is difficult to move with augers, thus the Prometheus belt system is designed to deliver the product directly to the blender tub. The storage system is also specifically designed from aggregate equipment to move wet sand.

What makes this more ESG friendly than conventional processes?

The drying process is energy intensive and creates unnecessary additional emissions. Mine locations can now be established closer to development if geology permits. This will reduce emissions related to logistics. The Prometheus equipment is powered by electric motors which provide versatility to the operator when choosing the ultimate power source.